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Natural Gas that is used by consumers is much different from the natural gas that is brought from underground up to the wellhead. In addition to processing done at the wellhead and at centralized processing plants some final processing such as pressure reducing will be done at stations.

Petro savin is a manufacturer of gas Metering, Pressure reducing & Control station in both cabinet and flat type.

Natural Gas station are two main type:

1- Cabinet gas station: for metering & pressure reducing of natural gas but not in large capacity

(maximum Range 30.000 m³/h)

2- Flat type station.

2-1 Reducing gas station:

2-2 Metering gas station: for metering of gas flow rate in ambient pressure and temperature.

2-3 Pressure control station: The pressure control station is a portable pressure source that provides &

constant pressure at variable setting and Gas trasmition.