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Horizontal Heaters are custom designed and engineered for each application and can be designed in single, double, or triple-burner configurations. With capacities from 1 MM Btu/hr up to 15 MM Btu/hr, our expert team can design and construct the best Heater for your needs.
For low-emission requirements, forced draught heaters offer an ideal solution to reduce dead gas film along the tube walls, and provide superior burner control, making fine-tuning the air/fuel ratio possible to achieve efficient combustion and lower emissions.
The process fluid to be heated through a serpentine-configured coil that is mounted in the upper portion of the heater shell. A controlled amount of heat is released into the fire tube (combustion chamber) which is located in the lower section of the heater shell. This heat is efficiently transferred from the fire tube to the bath media.
The heat contained in the bath media is then transferred by natural or in large volume by forced convection into the process stream which flows through the process coil. Forced convection is produced by a pump or mixer.