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Filter Separator

Most gas streams contain liquid and solid particles smaller than five microns in diameter. These ultra fine particles are difficult to remove by conventional means. In many cases these contaminates present a serious process problem. Filter separators are specifically designed to remove contaminates such as fine mists, fogs and dust from gas streams.

Filter separators are designed in either a horizontal or vertical configuration. The filter vessel is comprised of two stages. The first stage contains replaceable molded fiberglass elements mounted on supporting carriers welded into a filter partition plate. The filter partition plate separates the inlet filter section from the second separation stage. A Full Diameter quick-opening closure is provided for installing and removing elements.

The second stage compartment contains a stainless steel high-efficiency mist eliminator. In order to prevent the gas flow from bypassing the first stage due to implicit and accumulated pressure drop, both the filter stage and the separation stage have separated liquid accumulation areas.

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