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By-Pass Type Odorizer

Natural gas that is extracted from underground is odorless, so it should be odorized with a characteristic odor to be detected when there is leackage from pipe lines, instruments,… Conventional equipment which is known for this purpose is named odorizer that add a strong smelling odorant, usually THT, or mercaptan to natural gas.

Special proportion are required to add odorant to the natural gas. On the one hand, safe and constant odor

intensity is desired, but on the other hand, adding too much odorant must be avoided to prevent unnecessary

and unpleasant smells. For this purpose,the volume pulses of a corrector are used which are proportional to the gas volume.

This ensures an absolutely constant odorant concentration which is independent of any variations in the gas flow rate.


This odorizing system is based on adsorption.

The system does not need injection pumps but uses the pressure of the gas line. a by pass flow from the main Line withdrawn by an adjusable butter fly velve or orifice, the pressure of the gas Line is used as the motive force. The system is normally used in combination with the lapping system, By pass adorizer is used especially for smell or low capacity stations, where they are very cost effective and economic: